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url rewriting and dispatching

Tag reference for Resin's URL rewriting and dispatching system.


Dispatch rules
<resin:Dispatch>Normal servlet dispatching with optional target rewriting.
<resin:FastCgiProxy>Proxies the request to a backend server using FastCGI as a proxy protocol.
<resin:Forbidden>Send a HTTP forbidden response.
<resin:Forward>Forwards to the new URL using RequestDispatcher.forward with the target URL.
<resin:HttpProxy>Proxies the request to a backend server using HTTP as a proxy protocol.
<resin:LoadBalance>Load balance to a cluster of backend Resin servers.
<resin:MovedPermanently>Send a HTTP redirect to a new URL specified by target.
<resin:Redirect>Send a HTTP redirect to a new URL specified by target.
<resin:SendError>Send a HTTP error response.
AbstractTargetDispatchRuleBase class for custom dispatch rules.
Basic conditions
<resin:IfAuthType>Checks for the authentication type, request.getAuthType().
<resin:IfCookie>Checks for the presence of a named HTTP cookie from request.getCookies().
<resin:IfCron>Matches if the current time is in an active range configured by cron-style times.
<resin:IfFileExists>Matches if the URL corresponds to an actual file.
<resin:IfHeader>Tests for a HTTP header and value match.
<resin:IfLocale>Tests for a Locale match from the HTTP request.
<resin:IfLocalPort>Compares the local port of the request, request.getLocalPort().
<resin:IfMethod>Compares the HTTP method, request.getMethod().
<resin:IfNetwork>Compares the remote IP address to a network pattern like 192.168/16.
<resin:IfQueryParam>Tests for a HTTP query parameger, request.getParameter().
<resin:IfRemoteUser>Tests against the remote user, request.getRemoteUser().
<resin:IfSecure>True for SSL requests, i.e. if request.isSecure() is true.
<resin:IfUserInRole>Tests is the user is in the servlet security role.
RequestPredicateInterface for custom request predicates.
Combining conditions
<resin:And>Matches if all children match.
<resin:Or>Matches if any children match.
<resin:Not>Matches if the child does not match.
<resin:NotAnd>Matches if any child does not match.
<resin:NotOr>Matches if all the children do not match.
Rewrite filters
<resin:SetHeader>Sets a response header.
<resin:SetRequestSecure>Marks the request as secure.
<mypkg:MyFilter>Servlet filters.

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