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resin 3.1.5 release notes

Resin 3.1.x

Resin 3.1.x is a development branch. New capabilities will be added along with bug fixes for future versions of the Resin 3.1.x branch.

Deployments which need a Resin version with only bug fixes should use the Resin 3.0.x branch.

Resin JSF

The Resin JSF implementation has cleaned up tremendously in 3.1.5. The jsf-12.jar is included in the resin/plugin directory. To enable Resin-JSF, just move the .jar file into the resin/lib directory. Resin-JSF aims to be high performance, based on its tight integration with Resin's JSP and use of Hessian as a serialization protocol.


Quercus has continued to steadily fix bugs and implement PHP functions. The 3.1.5 release includes a major focus on the Wordpress and MediaWiki killer apps by going through both with a fine toothed comb and fixing bugs as they've been found.

Embedded Resin

Resin now includes an embedding facade to simplify integration with IDEs and testing harnesses. The embedded API includes test-support methods to simplify and speed-up automated testing.

Resin Remoting

Resin's remoting capability has been refactored to include a simple driver API. Protocol factories return a servlet to marshal protocol requests and responses.

The applications still use the servlet configuration to expose their services as HTTP requests. The protocols are now selected with an easy to remember uri scheme like "hessian:", "cxf:" or "xfire:".

Resin Messaging

The configuration for Resin's messaging (JMS) support has been reworked significantly. JMS queues can now use the BlockingQueue API for sending messages without requiring using JMS API (it's still JMS underneath.) Configuration uses a URI scheme system, so the memory queue is "memory:", the file queue is "file:", etc.

Message listeners (beans) and JCA endpoint support has been reworked significantly as well. JCA is now significantly easier to configure.

IoC/EJB integration

Resin's EJB 3.0 support has been significantly refactored. Both EJB and IoC use the same underlying code to implement transaction aspects, interception, and lifecycle events.

Resin-IoC and framework integration

The 3.1.5 release integrates Resin IoC with several component frameworks, letting you use Resin's dependency injection with objects created in the framework.

Maven 2 repository

The Resin 3.1 releases are now available in a Maven2 repository at Snapshots are available at Details and information on the resin-maven-plugin capabilityes (resin:run and resin:jspc) are at wiki: Resin and Maven2.

Ant tasks

Resin ant tasks are now available in the resin/plugins/resin-ant.jar class. Information is available in wiki: Resin and Ant.

Third-party integration

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Cloud-optimized Resin Server is a Java EE certified Java Application Server, and Web Server, and Distributed Cache Server (Memcached).
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