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 Resin Server | Application Server (Java EE Certified) and Web Server

resin 4.0.6 release notes

Resin 4.0.6 Overview

  • ipv6 support
  • <class-loader> config changes
  • documentation reorganization

JavaEE 6 Web Profile TCK progress

  • passes Servlet TCK for JavaEE 6
  • passes JSP TCK for JavaEE 6

class-loader config changes

The <class-loader> configuration behavior was previously confusing, and has been updated. Now, class loaders add added in the order they are defined in the resin.xml, and their search order is the same as the resin.xml order.

To change the priority, you can use the <prologue> tag to force evaluation in the <prologue> pass. This will cause your classloader to be defined before any classloader in the standard pass.

documentation reorganization

The documentation has been reorganized to split the reference (basically tags) from the explanatory section.

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Cloud-optimized Resin Server is a Java EE certified Java Application Server, and Web Server, and Distributed Cache Server (Memcached).
Leading companies worldwide with demand for reliability and high performance web applications including, CNET, DZone and many more are powered by Resin.

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