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resin 4.0.36 release notes


We encourage people to report 4.0.36 bugs at

4.0.36 is primarily a bug fix release. Please see changes.xtp for a list of changes.


Resin's HTTP Proxy module has been updated to support full load-balancing, failover, and network timeouts. A proxycache cluster was added to resin.xml and, including the new 'backend_servers' property used to supply a list of backend HTTP servers to proxy to. Resin's proxy-cache request caching capability is automatically applied on this layer, providing true HTTP caching proxy capability.

BAM: clustered messaging

The low-level queuing implementation for BAM's mailboxes has been updated to better handle high load spikes.

The BAM queues have also been extended to handle larger load.


Quercus encoding issues with MySQL databases have been resolved.

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Cloud-optimized Resin Server is a Java EE certified Java Application Server, and Web Server, and Distributed Cache Server (Memcached).
Leading companies worldwide with demand for reliability and high performance web applications including, CNET, DZone and many more are powered by Resin.

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